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Taylors Engineering has earned a reputation for successfully delivering projects on time and on budget across WA in both the private and public sectors and across a broad range of industries including mining, petrochemical, oil and gas industries and utilities.


With a track record for efficiency and reliability establishing mutually beneficial long-term partnerships with our clients is a priority. Taylors Engineering clients are supported by an experienced Project Management team with the knowledge, capacity and skills to deliver multidisciplinary services for projects of up to $30M. They are trusted sole contractors at a number of mining and petrochemical facilities with annual expenditures of up to $12M.

Stack cell concept through to site completion and commissioning


51. BP Broome.JPG


Terminal Fire System Upgrade

Value $3,450,000


BP Australia Pty Ltd (BP) owns and operates a bulk fuel storage terminal located in Broome, WA. The terminal is a Major Hazard Facility storing and distributing both Flammable and Combustible Refined Hydrocarbon liquids.

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